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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

We are always striving to send the consignments to our clients on time

  1. The freight for the consignment will be payable by the customer.

  2. The consignment will be sent in the specified transport of the customer

  3. The packing and secondary freight of the consignment will not have to be paid by the customer

  4. Consignment to be done only after payment

  5. The tentative time for sending the consignment will be informed after the amount is received.

  6. The time of dispatch of consignment may also increase due to pre-determined problems, presence of employees, weather and such.

Return & Exchange Policy


We are committed to assist in the financial loss caused by wear and tear in the goods of our customers.

  1. Returns are not possible for all types of plastic items

  2. The items which are not possible to be returned are as follows. Such as pet supplies, steel accessories, all types of brushes, hangers, clips and scrubbers.

  3. Chinese items and items discarded due to sunlight will also not be returned

  4. The customer has to send the broken goods to our shop. The customer  will have to pay the transport  freight  for  this

  5. After the deduction of 10%, the remaining amount will be reduced according to you.

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